Voucher Program Payment Standard

The Voucher program Payment Standard is used to calculate how much rental assistance the Housing Authority can pay to a landlord on behalf of an assisted household. If a family selects a rental unit where the rent plus the utility allowance is equal to or less than our Payment Standard, the households share of the rent will generally be 30% of their adjusted monthly income. The cost of utilities that the tenant pays are calculated using our utility allowance charts (see links below).

Effective 10/1/2021

Payment Standard by bedroom size:
Studio - $1,138
1-Bdrm - $1,183
2-Bdrm - $1,400
3-Bdrm - $1,988
4-Bdrm - $2,396
5-Bdrm - $2,755

Utility Allowance Charts

Apartments, tri-plexes, 4-plexes (pdf)
Single Family homes, duplexes, manufactured homes (pdf)