Homeless Assistance

If you and your family are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of becoming homeless, contact Family Support Center for more information. You can call Monday-Thursday from 9am-5pm and Friday 9am-2pm at (360) 754-9297 x200 or email ce@fscss.org.

If you and your family are in need of emergency shelter tonight, please call Thurston County's 24 hour Housing and Shelter Hotline at  (844) 628-7343 x2.

Coordinated Entry Flyer

Coordinated Entry System

All Thurston County Homeless assistance is accessed through a County-wide Coordinated Entry System. This system connects individuals and families who are homeless, or at imminent risk of becoming homeless, to an existing available shelter or housing resource in Thurston County.

Coordinated Entry uses a specific definition of homeless. A homeless person is someone:

  • Living in in a place not meant for human habitation, or
  • Living in emergency shelter (including domestic violence shelter), or
  • Living in transitional housing for homeless persons, with an imminent exit date, or
  • Exiting an institution where they temporarily resided for up to 90 days (and were in a shelter or a place not meant for human habitation immediately prior to entering that institution)

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development requires a coordinated entry process if a community receives federal dollars for homeless services.

By assessing everyone the same way, the community can be strategic about its limited resources and where resources may need to be redirected or added. Coordinated Entry, however, is not a housing program or a guarantee of shelter or housing.

Homeless and Domestic Violence Services After Hours:

For domestic violence services, call the SafePlace 24 hour hotline: (360) 754-6300

At any time or after Coordinated Entry assessment hours, homeless individuals and families should call Thurston County’s Coordinated Entry Hotline at (844) 628-7343. Follow the prompts for Families with Children, Youth, or Singles and Couples without Children.

Steps of Coordinated Entry Process

  • Call the Coordinated Entry Hotline or visit one of the Entry Sites.
  • You will be pre-screened for eligibility for Coordinated Entry. Eligibility includes meeting the definition of homelessness described above.
  • If eligible, you will be interviewed by a trained assessor. All available shelter/housing interventions are reviewed with the client at all Coordinated Entry locations.
  • Based on results of the Coordinated Entry assessment, you may be prioritized for a housing intervention. Every attempt will be made to provide you with shelter when there is space available.

Coordinated Entry uses the Vulnerability Index -- Housing Equity Assessment Tool (HEAT) for both individuals and families experiencing homelessness or at very imminent risk.

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