Success Stories


Assistance to Independence

Housing Choice Voucher participants who enroll in Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) receive HATC support to help achieve goals needed to graduate from public financial support. As incomes increase, funds that would have gone to rent subsidy are placed in an escrow and given to participants upon graduation. In FSS, KirTerra conquered addiction struggles, obtained not only  a driver’s license but also in record time a commercial driver’s license, secured employment, and purchased a car. Today she has her own school bus route.  She graduated with an escrow of $11,648. KirTerra is an inspirational neighbor!


Preventing Homelessness

"I still cry when I look back because I'm so grateful our family did not become homeless."

-Disabled grandparent with custody of grandchildren, forced out of home after landlord passed away and the new owner terminated tenancy.

With a Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) and HATC assistance, this participant was able to locate the "perfect home" for their special needs and was kept from experiencing homelessness.

Senator Murray Visits HATC

In August 2022, Senator Murray met with HATC and HUD managers to discuss affordable housing needs. Topics included the American Recovery Plan Act that created Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHV). These vouchers provide long-term support for households at high risk of homelessness. HATC received funding for 68 EHV's.