Voucher Program Payment Standard & Utility Charts

The Voucher program Payment Standard is used to calculate how much rental assistance the Housing Authority can pay to a landlord on behalf of an assisted household. If a family selects a rental unit where the rent plus the utility allowance is equal to or less than our Payment Standard, the households share of the rent will generally be 30% of their adjusted monthly income. The cost of utilities that the tenant pays are calculated using our utility allowance charts (see links below).

For more information on how the rent is determined to pay to landlords, click here: Landlord FAQ about Rent

Payment Standard by Bedroom Size

Effective 10/1/2023

Studio  -  $1,408
1-Bdrm - $1,631
2-Bdrm - $1,892
3-Bdrm - $2,657
4-Bdrm - $3,210
5-Bdrm - $3,691

Last Year's Payment Standard

Studio  -  $1,239
1-Bdrm - $1,369
2-Bdrm - $1,601
3-Bdrm - $2,275
4-Bdrm - $2,728
5-Bdrm - $3,137

Determining a Unit Size

For each family, the Housing Authority determines the appropriate number of bedrooms under the PHA subsidy standards and enters the family unit size on the "voucher" that is issued to the family. The family unit size does not dictate the size of the unit the family must actually lease, nor does it determine who within a household will share a bedroom/sleeping room.

For more information on how The Housing Authority of Thurston County determines a family unit size, click on link below:

Determining Family Unit Size

Utility Allowance Charts

2024 Utility Charts - Apartments, Tri-Plex, 4-Plex

2024 Utility Charts - House, Duplex, Manufactured Home