Family Self Sufficiency Program

What is the Family Self Sufficiency Program?

The Family Self Sufficiency program is a voluntary program that helps Voucher-holders achieve self-sufficiency through financial independence.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone with employment goals who currently participates in our Housing Choice and Project Based Voucher Programs.

How Does FSS Work?

Working as a team, participants and an FSS Coordinator identify and eliminate obstacles to financial independence and self-sufficiency. The FSS Coordinator helps participants develop a financial plan that includes setting goals for budgeting, financial coaching, opportunities for education, employment training and job growth. The FSS Coordinator can also provide resources for child care, transportation, financial planning, and credit repair.

What is the FSS Savings Account?

A big benefit of participating in the FSS program is an interest-bearing escrow savings account that is set up for the participant. Once a participant’s earned income increases, they become eligible to receive funds deposited into an escrow account on their behalf. The amount credited to the participant’s escrow account is solely based on increases in the participant’s earned income during the term of the FSS contract. The participant can withdraw this tax-free money after successfully completing the FSS program. Participants have used this money to start businesses, continue their education, even buy a first home!

How Do I Get Started?

Contact the FSS Coordinator, Lynn Flaisig at or 360-753-8292 ext 110

For more information and application