Board of Commissioners

The Housing Authority of Thurston County is governed by a six member Board of Commissioners.


Board Members

Jay Goldstein – Chair
Commissioner Goldstein’s background includes attorney, business owner, and service on other boards. He has considerable professional real estate law experience, including law relating to real estate acquisition and development.

Joelene Gioulis - Vice Chair
Commissioner Giolis is the Administrator of a multi-location Thurston County health care provider Earlier in her career she held an administrative position with the Department of Corrections. Her background in both of these areas is meaningful in overseeing programs for our clients.

Vag Mayi – Commissioner
Commissioner Mayi has held positions in consumer financial services and substance abuse counseling. She has also served as a Trustee for The Evergreen State College.

Aaron Quitugua – Commissioner
Commissioner Quitugua is a corporate auditor with responsibility for auditing compliance with complex federal regulations.  He has a passion for assisting vulnerable neighbors through organization efforts and private actions.  His spouse serves as an officer in the US Army Reserve.  When his spouse was on active duty and deployed overseas, he was the homeland parent for their children.  He holds a BA in Economics from the University of Washington.

Holly Franco - Commissioner
Commissioner Franco is a professional educator. She presently works for the Thurston County Food Bank where she provides their clients with nutritional education. As a single mother of young children also provides that important perspective.

Lisa Vatske - Commissioner
Commissioner Vatske has extensive state government technical and management experience primarily focused on affordable housing capital subsidies. She also has held positions in the community development field,  held the position of chief financial officer for a small business, and has served on several local boards. She earned a BBA Finance from the University of Massachusetts and is a long-time Thurston County resident.

Board Meetings

Recent Board Minutes