Collaborative Housing

Through the Collaborative Housing program, the Housing Authority subsidizes affordable housing that is owned by non-profit agencies that provide supportive services to residents. The subsidies come through what are called Project-Based Vouchers.

Project-based Vouchers are long-term funding commitments that stay with the housing units and, unlike tenant-based Vouchers, do not transfer if a tenant leaves. However, once the tenant has completed at least one year of successful tenancy, he or she will be eligible for a mover tenant-based Voucher as soon as one is available.

The Housing Authority annually invests about $2.5 Million to subsidize operating costs of the Collaborative Housing properties. This program has fostered the development and maintenance of 475 supportive housing units in our community

Most of these properties have specific eligibility criteria and serve special-needs populations. If you meet the criteria and would benefit from these services, you may be eligible for the project’s waiting list. The waiting lists are  managed by the Housing Authority or through the Coordinated Entry system as noted below.

Collaborative Housing Properties

Name: Waiting List Status:
Evergreen Vista I Waiting List Closed
Evergreen Vista II Waiting List Closed
Drexel House Coordinated Entry
Drexel House II for Veterans Coordinated Entry
Quixote Village Coordinated Entry
Billy Frank Jr. Place Coordinated Entry
Homes First Waiting List Closed
Fleetwood Apartments Coordinated Entry
Pear Street Apartments Coordinated Entry
Pear Blossom Place Coordinated Entry
Unity Commons Coordinated Entry
Martin Terrace
(see note below)
Waiting List Closed

The Martin Terrace apartments have a subsidy separate from the Housing Choice Voucher program. Residency at this property does not put a tenant in line for a voucher. While living at this property, the tenant’s rent will be subsidized.