Public Records Request

A request for public records may be made by U.S. mail or by email. To assist us in accurately responding to your request, please use the Public Records Request form to submit your records request.

Public Records Request (downloadable PDF)

Submit to the Public Records Officer listed at the bottom of this page.
Within five business days, the Public Records Officer will:

  • Acknowledge receipt of the request and provide an estimate of time necessary for further response; or
  • Deny the request and provide an explanation of the basis for the denial; or
  • Ask for a clarification of the request.

At the requester’s choice, public records may be viewed at our office at no cost during normal business hours. Alternatively, photocopies or electronic copies of the records will be provided. If copies are requested, or necessary because electronic copies do not exist, the following fees will apply: $0.15 per page will be charged for copies of documents, including electronic copies of paper documents. Charges for copies of larger documents will be based upon the actual cost of reproduction.

The Housing Authority may require a deposit prior to copying the records requested. If a deposit is required, the Public Records Officer will advise the requester of the amount of the deposit. When a large number of records are requested, copies may be provided in segments and the requester may be required to pay the copying cost for each segment before the next segment is copied.

Submit all public records requests to:

Housing Authority of Thurston County
Attn: Public Records Officer
1206 12th Ave SE
Olympia, WA. 98501