Rights & Responsibilities

Housing Choice Voucher program tenants and landlords each have rights, and are subject to requirements, while participating in the program. The Housing Authority  performs specific duties as the administrator of the program.

Tenant rights

As a tenant, state law grants you the right to a livable dwelling, protection from unlawful discrimination, the right to hold the landlord liable for damage caused by the landlord's negligence, and protection against lockouts and seizure of personal property by the landlord.

You are also entitled to a determination of eligibility based solely on income, household composition, suitability and Thurston County Housing Authority rules—without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability, or familial status.

Tenant responsibilities

  • Supply required information—You must submit all information for regular re-examinations of income, household composition, immigration status, and to verify that you live in the unit
  • Disclose and verify social security numbers and sign and submit consent forms for verifying information.
  • Report changes in income or household members within 10 business days—You must update the Housing Authority of Thurston County if family income or  household composition changes in any way.
  • Promptly notify the Housing Authority when any family member is going to be away from the assisted unit for an extended amount of time, which is defined as fourteen (10) days or more.
  • Allow the Housing Authority to inspect the assisted unit, at reasonable times and after reasonable notice.
  • Use the assisted unit as residence and must be your only place of residence.  You may not lease or sublet your assisted unit.
  • Notify the Housing Authority if the household is being evicted.
  • You must also notify the agency after a birth, adoption or court awarded custody of a child.
  • You must request approval to add any other adult household member.
  • Notify the Housing Authority of Thurston County if any household member moves out of the unit
  • Pay bills as required by the lease—You must pay your portion of the rent each month, as described in the lease. In addition, you must pay utility bills and supply appliances the owner is not required to provide under the lease
  • Comply with the terms of the voucher, the lease and the Tenancy Addendum—You should read the terms of the voucher, lease, and Tenancy Addendum carefully. If you have questions about any of these documents, contact the Housing Choice Voucher Program at (360) 753-8292.
  • Do not commit any prohibited, unlawful or criminal act—You must not commit any prohibited or unlawful act in connection with the program, such as fraud, bribery or making side payments to landlords. You also must not participate in illegal drug activity or violent criminal activity of any kind
  • Must not own or have any interest in the assisted unit.
  • Abide by the obligations of Washington State Landlord–Tenant law—Under state law, voucher-assisted tenants have the same responsibilities as unassisted tenants