How Can I Lose My Assistance?

Most families lose their rental assistance when their family's income grows to the point that they no longer need rental assistance. Some families choose to quit the program voluntarily.

Families who violate the program's family obligations may be terminated. Here are some of the reasons why a household may lose their rental assistance:

  • You are evicted for lease violations.
  • Any household member commits serious and repeated lease violations.
  • Any household member refuses to complete and sign any required paperwork and provide social security numbers or social security cards.
  • The household provides false information to the Housing Authority.
  • The household must keep their unit in good working order. The family may be terminated if they damage the unit more than what is considered normal wear-and-tear.
  • Refusing to allow the Housing Authority access to their home to complete Housing Quality Standard inspections.
  • Allowing other people to live in your assisted unit without HATC approval.
  • Being away from your unit for more than 14 days without telling the HATC.
  • Not paying your utility bills.
  • Someone in your household violates any of the family obligations under the program.
  • Someone in you household is convicted of manufacturing methamphetamines while living in federally-assisted housing.
  • Someone in your household is subject to a lifetime registration requirement as a sex offender.
  • Death of a single-member (one person) household.
  • Any household member is currently engaged in any illegal drug use including marijuana as all HATC rental assistance programs are federally funded.
  • Any drug-related criminal activity.
  • Any household member is involved in violent criminal activity.
  • Any household member’s abuse or pattern of abuse of alcohol threatens the health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the property by other residents.
  • Any household member commits fraud, bribery, or any other corrupt or criminal act in connection to any federal housing program, including our Housing Choice Voucher program.
  • A family owes money to any public housing authority and fails to pay.
  • A family owes money to HATC and fails to keep their repayment agreement.
  • A household member engages in or threatens violent or abusive behavior toward HATC staff.