What Can I Expect To Pay For Utilities?

The Housing Authority of Thurston County utilizes a standard utility allowance chart when calculating or estimating the cost of utilities.  This chart is divided into two types of units, Single family home, duplex or manufactured home or anything that is more than two units attached, triplex, apartment, townhouse, etc.

Utility allowance does not include such items as telephone, cable. Etc.

Estimates of utility cost are not based on actual household consumption but an estimate of costs associated with each time of utility and is based on an average cost of a certain type of unit and also determined by unit size.

You will be responsible for paying all utility costs that are not incorporated into the contact rent.   This means any fees or utility bills that the owner is not responsible for. That can be power, gas, propane, water, sewer, garbage and should be outlined in lease responsibility.

Utilizing the charts below a participant can determine what an estimated utility expenses would be.  The chart represents estimated costs for any utilities or services for which a tenant is responsible, meaning the tenant pays the bill or the landlord charges the tenant extra for the utility bill. To determine utility estimate, select the group that most closely represents utility responsibilities according to the lease, and then select the bedroom size that is the lower of the voucher size or the size of the leased unit.



When leasing a unit, the cost of utilities and contract rent must not exceed the figure assigned for maximum rent and utilities.