How Do Annual Reviews and Inspections Work? 

The Housing Authority must complete an annual recertification at least once a year to make sure that participating households are still eligible for the program. Housing Assistance is recalculated based on household income and composition, and the amount of voucher assistance is adjusted accordingly.

The annual review begins approximately 120 days before the original lease anniversary date, and must be completed for assistance to continue.

The agency reviews and confirms the household's income and family composition. If any of these items change, the voucher amount is adjusted accordingly.

The participant is provided a written notification of change of rental share. This notification is provided at least thirty (30) days prior to implementation of the change in tenant share.


The Housing Authority conducts an inspection of each assisted household at least once every 24 months. We will generally schedule these bi-ennial inspections at approximately month 23, in order to ensure we have a passed inspection within the 24 month time frame.  (Example: If you had an inspection in December of 2018, you will be scheduled for the next inspection in November of 2020).

The unit must pass the inspection for voucher assistance to continue.

If the unit is not maintained in accordance with all applicable laws and the Housing Quality Standards, we may withhold or terminate payments to the owner until the repairs have been completed.

If tenants do not pay for or repair damage they caused, we may terminate their participation in the program.